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Cover of Cospar raport 2014

Report of 2014.
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The committee on Space Research (COSPAR) was established by the International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU) in 1958. The ICSU resolution creating COSPAR was to "provide the world scientific community with the means whereby it may exploit the possibilities of satellites and space probes of all kinds for scientific purposes, and exchange the resulting data on a cooperative basis."

The Finnish National Committee of COSPAR has participated in the international and national co-operation of scientific space research since 1964 by submitting proposals, issuing statements, arranging meetings, and keeping contact with the international COSPAR and its subcommittees.

The National Committee is an expert body nominated by the Delegation of the Finnish Academies of Science and Letters. The members of the National Committee represent the active community of space researchers in Finland. Chairman of the Finnish National Committee is Dean Tuija Pulkkinen (since year 2012).

Finland in Cospar - 50 years anniversary seminar

Location: Brainstorm-hall, Finnish Meteorological Institute
12.00-12.05 Yrjö Viisanen: Welcoming words
12.05-12.15 Tuija Pulkkinen: Opening words
12.15-13.00 Giovanni Bignami: The Future of Space Research
13.00-13.45 Pekka Janhunen: Electric Solar Wind Sail - Propelling the Future
13.45-14.15 Coffee
14.15-15.00 Timo Prusti: Gaia: Status and Science Potential
15.00-15.30 Jaan Praks: Science and innovation with small space platforms
15.30-16.00 Peter Johansson: The legacy of Planck and the future of observational cosmology in the era of large-scale surveys
16.00-17.30 Reception

Seminar talks on Youtube

Newest report:

T. Pulkkinen, S. Merikallio, P. Stigell (Editors):
Space Research in Finland, report to COSPAR 2014,
(hard copies and PDF available).

Last conferences organized:

FinCOSPAR 2013, Vantaa 29.-30.8.2013, Conference webpages
FinCOSPAR 2011, Kemiö 31.8-2.9.2011 Abstract book PDF - Programme HTML
FinCOSPAR 2009, Rokua 3.-5.9.2009 Abstract book PDF
FinCOSPAR 2007, Korpilampi 4.-5.10.2007. Abstract book PDF
FinCOSPAR 2005, Helsinki 11.-13.5.2005. Programme PDF

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