FinCOSPAR 2015
26 - 28th August, Sodankylä, Finland


Finnish National Committee on Space Research Conference 2015




Cover of Cospar report 2014

Finnish Committee of Space Research biannual Report of 2014, 50th anniversary edition
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Abstract submission and registration deadline extended to 30.6.!

Invitation and Call for Abstracts

The XV meeting of the Finnish space research community FinCOSPAR 2015, 26.-28.8.2015, Hotel Luostotunturi, Sodankylä

The meeting is organized by the Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory (SGO) and the Arctic Research Centre of the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI-ARC), together with the Finnish National COSPAR committee. The hotel Luostotunturi serves as the conference venue. The meeting brings together space researchers from all the Finnish institutes engaged in space research, astronomy and remote sensing as well as our colleagues from foreign universities.

The meeting has been concluded, thank you for attending!

Photo: Thomas Ulich

The FinCOSPAR 2015 programme includes invited talks on the Rosetta mission and contributed presentations from varied topics. Additionally, there will be a review of the Finnish space research activities, with a subsequent panel discussion on the subject of profiling and distribution of space research topics between the Finnish space research centers. Other topics covered include but are not limited to: the physics of the Earth magnetosphere and ionosphere, solar physics, influence of the Sun on the Earth and its climate, solar system planets and planetary rings, stars and star formation, asteroids and stardust, the Galaxy, other galaxies and supermassive black holes in their centres, structure formation in the Universe, physics of plasmas in astrophysical and geophysical contexts, space instruments and Earth observation from the space.

The registration fee is 100€, which covers the conference dinner and lunch on Thursday and coffee breaks throughout the meeting. Registration is now open, register by using the registration form by 30.6.2015. Both oral and poster presentations are welcomed, please upload your abstract at the registration page by the 30.6.2015 deadline. The working language of the conference is English.

Lodging details

The hotel Luostotunturi is reserved for our meeting, and the on-line booking systems will show that the hotel is full. You can book your room via e-mail or by phone directly with the hotel - remember to mention that you're coming to FinCOSPAR.

Contact information for the hotel:
puh. (016) 620 400


Detailed programme - Abstracts


Wed 26.8 -16.00arrival to Rovaniemi, transportation to Luosto
Wed 26.8 16.00-19.10Scientific session 1
Thu 27.8 8:30Scientific session 2
Thu 27.8 13:00Scientific session 3b
Thu 27.8 15:00Future of Finnish Space Research
Thu 27.8 eveningConference dinner at Luosto
Fri 28.8 8:30Scientific session 3b
Fri 28.8. 11:30departure to Rovaniemi, transportation from Luosto

Wednesday 26.8, 2015

Earth observation from space and ground – science and applications

Responsible SOC member: Prof. Jouni Pulliainen

Invited speakers:
  • Craig Heinselman, EISCAT Scientific Association

Thursday 27.8, 2015

Geospace environment from space and ground – physics and space weather

Responsible SOC member: Dr. Esa Turunen

Invited speakers:
  • Yoshizumi Miyoshi, Nagoya University

Future of Finnish Space Science - presentations and panel discussion

  • National profiling
  • ESA and EU in space: instrument building, application development
  • National (small) satellite program
  • Impact of space research for industry, public sector and society
Responsible SOC member: Prof. Tuija Pulkkinen
Chair: Chair of the COSPAR National Committee Tuija Pulkkinen

Invited speakers:
  • Kati Sulonen, Academy of Finland
  • Kimmo Kanto, Tekes
  • Matti Anttila, Space Systems Finland Oy
Scientific commentators
  • Hannu Koskinen
  • Jouni Pulliainen

Friday, 28.8, 2015

Solar system and astrophysics

Special theme: Rosetta results
Responsible SOC member: Prof. Tuija Pulkkinen


Esa Turunen, Jyrki Manninen and the team at Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory,
Osmo Aulamo and Jouni Pulliainen and the team at Arctic Research Centre of the Finnish Meteorological Institute, and
on behalf of the Finnish National Committee Tuija Pulkkinen and Markku Alho, Aalto University.

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